Front of Store

Our store signage lit up.

Well it’s been a hard long slog but we are finally almost there. The Wood Fired Oven at Arana Hills is not ready to open but it’s almost totally set up. We have a little painting on our feature walls to do next week, and then it’s all about the menu. We’ve been taste testing and cooking up a storm, so we can perfect our recipes ready for us to swing open the door.

So when are we opening?

That’s the big question on everyone’s mind. Our plan was always about getting the kitchen ready to use so we can prepare for our food trucks daily locations. We are able to do that now that our final health inspection is complete and we have our license to operate. So we are in the final phase surrounding our menu. We wanted to get our menu right before we employ staff and train them, so we are doing this now.  However, with limited time this will take a few weeks to perfect. We also need to photograph our menu items, print menu’s, organise our digital menu boards and set up our point of sale. Then there is new staff to employ and train, so our opening date isn’t set but we are aiming for late October Early November at this stage.

How can you help?

With this last stage upon us we could use your help. We are looking for a team of fun staff that love to cook, serve, clean and take pride in the part they play in making our team a success. From high school age to seniors, we are happy to employ anyone, and the best part is we will train you, so no experience is necessary but experience would be great. There are some fulltime positions going within our team for the right person.  So help us get the word out there and we will be opening before you know it. Check out some of our latest photos.

Front counter

Our front counter looking into the dining room.

Hanging pot

We’re trying to soften the restaurant with some planting.

Kitchen and dining room

Looking towards the kitchen from the front of the dining room.

Dining room detail

Mirrors, plants and timber. Plus of course our logo colours painted on the walls.