About us

Since its inception in 2017, The Wood Fired Oven has been developing a mouth-watering range of individual smoked meals, pizza, calzones and strombolis for the lucky residents of Brisbane.

With hand-crafted Italian-style pizza dough, each of our pizzas, calzones and strombolis are gourmet bliss. It’s all about quality and taste for us – even our BBQ sauce is home-made from a selection of spices and herbs to create a sumptuous base for many of our meals.  We even produce our own dry rubs and marinades for many of our smoked meals.

If you want more than just pizza, we can provide you with an oven-sent selection of meals and desserts from our food truck and cater for your events.


Our wood fired pizza starts with a home made traditional pizza dough and is topped with a selection of ingredients to create some amazing pizzas.  Each pizza is hand cooked in our wood fired oven and served hot.


A calzone is a traditional style of cooking a pizza however the pizza is folder and sealed before cooking.  We create a number of traditional wood fired calzones and can turn almost all of our pizzas into a calzone for you.

Hot Meals

With our on-board smoker, we can create delicious meals or cater for your whole family.  From smoked lamb, pork, chicken or beef, to smoked salmon, roast vegetables and smoked vegetables, we can produce a meal for everyone.


Another traditional alternative to a pizza, a stromboli takes a standard pre-cooked pizza, rolls it, then slices it to give you individual rounds that are then cooked in our wood fired oven.


Our dessert pizzas, calzones and strombolis are simply delicious.  Little pizza heaven! We create a selection of gourmet options for you to indulge in and savour.


Having family over, needing to impress the boss, or don’t want to cook? Drop us a line. We can provide catering options for you and we do more than just Pizza!

We make each pizza dough by hand and allow them to naturally rise and proof each day prior to making our pizzas, calzones & strombolis.

Each meal is prepared and cooked by hand in our wood fired oven.

Cooking with home-made dough makes our pizzas so much better than a processed base!