So I thought it might be good to show some progress shots of our shop build. As a tradie it was a simple decision to design and build it ourselves so apart from our electrician and plumber as well as a ventilation specialist, everything you will see has been done by us and some of our staff and family.

There’s still more to come so keep watching. You can find photos of the shop before we started renovating here Store before the renovation began

Pizza oven delivery

Our Pizza oven being delivered to store.

Grinding the concrete

Grinding the concrete floor and removing tiles

Lifting oven

Lifting our oven

Lifting oven 2

Lifting our pizza oven

Lifting oven 3

Lifting our oven onto it’s base.

Lifting oven 4

Lifting our pizza oven was a lot of work.

Pizza oven in place

Finally our pizza oven is in place.

Framing wall around pizza oven

Framing the wall around the pizza oven to follow the curve.

Fixing timber slats to the front of the wall

Fixing Pacific Jarrah timber to the front counter.

Pizza oven and front counter

Our Pizza Oven and front counter

Rear wall with hidden doorway

Rear wall with our hidden doorway

Curved bench seat frame

Fitting the curved bench seat frame to the wall

Timber bench seat

Timber bench seat nearly complete

Front counter overhead and TV's

Front counter bulkhead complete and TV’s fitted for menu boards.


Testing out our new pendant lights

Feature walls being painted

Painting our feature wall. There will be one in the dining room and one in the entry. We took inspiration for this from our logo and the rear of our business cards.

What's this?

What could this be?

Dining room wall and ceiling painted

We captured the colour of our Logo for the walls and ceilings.

Sealing the concrete floor

Sealing our concrete floors

Front entry

Front entry not quite finished but getting there.