“Our Big News” July 2022
Published On:3 July 2024

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Pizza oven and front counter
Pizza oven and front counter

Our Pizza Oven and front counter

Dining room taking shape

Dining room taking shape

Gelato Freezer

Our Gelato freezer just arrived

Feature wall

Feature wall

Our Big News!

We’ve been sitting on some very big news for a while now and it’s time to share it. The Wood Fired Oven is opening it’s very first sit down dining experience. The best news is it will be “More than just Pizza!” There’s such a lot of work to do but we are slowly getting there.

When we started this Journey more than 5 years ago, one of the things we wanted to do was “More than Just Pizza!” which is why it’s in our Logo. We have some amazing ideas for our menu but first we need a kitchen to experiment and finalise the menu in.

So what does that mean for our food trucks? Well this entire journey has been about supporting our food trucks, not taking over from them. Our regular customers, many who have become friends, are so important to us, and we don’t want to change any of that. The truth is as our business has grown we have run out of space for storage and Prep.
What we needed was:
1. More preparation space, larger benches and more space for more staff to move around,
2. Storage space for our food and a big walk in coolroom,
3. Space for our business to call home.

Whilst a store was not in our plans, as we looked for spaces that would achieve what we needed, we kept coming back to opening our own store, which we have to say is a little daunting, but is the best option for us. We will not be changing our food truck locations or opening days-in fact we want to eventually add to them.

So how is the journey going. It’s taking a lot of time, but it will be worth it in the end. There is a lot of work to do on the space we have leased. We’ve lifted tiles, ground concrete slabs and sealed them, painted walls and ceilings, and we are still going!! Plans, council approvals, licensing, ventilation, electrical, plumbing approvals and so much more-and we’re only about 50-60% there. We are in no rush to open as we want to get things 110% right before we swing open the doors.

Our plan is a staged approach to allow us to get everything right. The stages we have set out are:
1. Set up the store and kitchen and get licenses and approvals-hopefully by mid August,
2. Move in and start doing all of our prep in the commercial kitchen-mid to late August,
3. Finalise the menu-testing, changing and then photographing it all-August/September,
4. Employ and train staff which is very hard at the moment-September,
5. Open the store!!!!  Possibly early October.

So there’s a very big journey ahead of us but we will get there soon.
Oh did I mention catering and event space. We plan to allow our guests and friends to hire out our restaurant for private events on Saturday nights as well. So if you are planning a big party but don’t want to hold it at home, talk to us.

We are so looking forward to swinging open the doors. We will keep you updated with progress and let you know when we are planning to open.

To see images of our progress jump across to this post Store construction progress images

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